The RootSpa Deep Water Culture System - 1 Pack Kit

RootSpa DWC Organic Hydroponic Growing System
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  • Item #: 4731
  • Manufacturer: Eco Enterprises
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 4732
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The RootSpa Deep Water Culture System - 1 Bucket Kit


Designed in the USA

This RootSpa Deep Water Culture system is all you need to grow your plants organically and/or hydroponically!

Deep Water Culture System - DWD Hydroponic System

The fastest system to progress from rooted clones to full size plants with optimal nutrient uptake at a fraction of the price of any other system on the market.

Use Any Nutrient! Organic Growing. Thick organic nutrients will not clog air system! No more replacing air stones! No air stones required.

RootSpa is the most effective out of the box deep water culture system for Beginners and Professionals

The Single Kit includes:

1 - 5 Gallon Bucket
1   10" Bucket Basket
1 - Multipurpose Air Hose Assemblie (Patent Pending)
1 - Kit of Fittings (including 1/2" Grommets, 1/2" Elbows, 1/4" Tubing)
1 - Two Outlet Air Pumps

1 - Instruction Manual

  • Model: 4731
  • Shipping Weight: 6 lbs
  • Manufactured by: Eco Enterprises

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