Hydroponic Lighting Fixtures and Systems

BEST GROW LIGHTS - LED GROW LIGHTS:                 Many people think that the very best grow lights you can have - the most effective indoor grow light bulbs are the LED Lights. They are also the most expensive being the latest trend in organic hydroponic indoor growing.

They are in colors: orange, red, blue, white, magenta, purple. Each color has a function and purpose used alone or they can be used in a combination of colors to achieve just the effect you are looking for. Not the least of these effects is simply adding beauty and drama to a growing area that otherwise would not be so attractive. They emit almost no heat and therefore can be placed very close to your garden area.

RED is used as a bloom booster, MAGENTA for flowering emphasis,PURPLE is general purpose, BLUE a vegetation enhancer. Some gardens sport a red led light on one side of the garden and a blue led light on the other side.

HPS - HIGH PRESSURE SODIUM GROW LIGHTS:              Also on the orange or red side of the light spectrum are the HPS or high pressure sodium grow bulbs which are used during the fruiting and flowering time of your plants’ life plant. These are HID also.

MH - HETAL HALIDE GROW BULBS:              Most closely resembling the sun’s direct light is the MH or metal halide bulbs which reflect the white or blue, the coolest of the hues. These lights are best for vegetation growth: plants requiring no blossoming or fruiting stage such as medical marijuana, all varieties of lettuce, all kinds of greens.

FLUORESCENT LIGHTING:         A good and inexpensive choice for indoor hydroponic grow lights and they work extremely well for some gardens. The newer types of fluorescent tubes can be combined to cover the full lighting spectrum. Another reason for choosing fluorescent lighting is that the tubes run cool and they can be placed very close to your plants in their growing area. Also they run to the blue of the spectrum and are great for vegetation growth.

INCANDESCENT GROW LIGHT BULBS:    THE WORST!                   These are thought to be the least effective of all of the lights available for your garden. They are more heat than light and they represent only a small side of the light spectrum thereby starving your plants for the light that they need to survive, grow and thrive.  

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    A number of gardens will use several types of grow lights in order to support the needs of the plants during the different stages of its growth and development. Because diverse plants have different needs, what you grow will establish how your lighting should be organized. It depends solely on what works best for you