Ecobloom R Ten lb

Ecobloom "R" Ten Pounds
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  • Item #: 2055
  • Manufacturer: Eco Enterprises
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Ecogrow Powdered Rockwool Nutrients - 10 lb. Ecobloom "R" (6-25-17)

Rockwool became a popular growing medium in 80's and continues to be so.

It is sterile, inert and moisture retentive.

Eco introduced the "R" formulas in the late 1980's to fulfill the exacting

requirements for plants growing hydroponically in this growing medium.

Ecobloom "R" (6-25-17) is the companion to Ecogrow "R" and fulfills the

same purpose as Ecobloom (3-35-10) in promoting flowering and

fruitation on mature plants while maintaining health and vigor.


  • Model: 2055
  • Shipping Weight: 12lbs
  • Manufactured by: Eco Enterprises

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