Aquaponics Grow Box Cabinet

Aquaponics Grow Box
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Product Description

Indoor Aquaponics Grow Cabinet - with free shipping

New design for growers looking for a fully natural way to grow edible vegetables and herbs with natural fertilization by your fish. 

Grow inside any room of your house.

This is more for actual basil, tomatoes , and fresh herbs.

This is a system you can place right in any room for a perfect indoor garden powered by a live fish tank.

We start with a handmade cabinet with solid pine.  

We make it here. (this is not a cheap ikea type cabinet."  Stained 2x then clear coated.

 This grow system is actually a fish tank/ hydroponics system in one.  

Simply add fish, and feed your fish.  

At the top is 3 plant sites. These sites are used for growing plants that you may cook and eat in the future.

Feed fish, and grow plants naturally.

By using our aquaponics grow box, you will be able to grow your favorite plants just by turning on our cabinet and feeding your fish.( fish not included)

Everything else is, including airflow fan for healthier leaves and plant growth as well as perfect spectrum sunlight styled grow bulbs.  

Literally plant your seeds , feed your fish and start growing from home today.

5 gallon tank, pump , filter included.

Perfect spectrum sun simulating grow lights, low energy consumption cfl with great growing capabilities.

30″ tall, 18″ wide, 10″deep